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About Guru Ji (Acharya Raj Kumar)

Acharya Raj Kumar (addressed as Guru Ji by his students) received Guru Diksha and Guru Beej Mantra in 1987 from his Guru Ji who lived in a very small village, Sad Guru 1008 Shri Nakelu Ram Ji Maharaj. After continuous meditation for ten years from 1987 until 1997, Acharya Raj Kumar – with the blessings of his GuruJi and Lord Shiva – finally received the inner light and awakening.

Starting in 1998, Acharya Raj Kumar was directed to give Guru Beej Mantras by his Guru Ji to other people. Acharya Raj Kumar is a well qualified and practical teacher: he received graduate degrees: MA. MBA and PGDCA. He has worked at a managerial level in a large corporation. While doing so, he was helping people by providing astrological remedies and Guru Mantras. Slowly, he began to have more followers in India and abroad. In 2002 he also started an NGO, H.P. Human Welfare Organization that provides free education to poor and needy children. He was also instrumental in setting up various orphanages in Manali and other parts of Himachal Pradesh. Finally, he left his job to fully dedicate himself to work on his mission of Oneness and Wellness.

People who have received guidance and teachings from Acharya Raj Kumar report strong spiritual benefits. His many students around the world have reported changes in their lives that involve greater happiness, prosperity and contentment. He tells his students that every Beej Mantra provided by him comes from the Cosmic World and the blessings of his Guru Ji and from Lord Shiva. For those students who receive a Guru Mantra and practice meditation according to his directions, they will see miraculous changes in their lives and will resolve all problems in life blocking health, wealth, social status and wealth. More importantly, receiving the Guru Mantra leads to spiritual salvation.

Acharya Raj Kumar says, “Man is like a machine running after money, money, money. But this only leads to many problems: loss of health, family tensions, social disruption and loss of money and prosperity.” When people go mad to make money, he says, “This kind of person wants others to serve him in this endeavour, and then forgets responsibilities towards family and the surrounding environment. Ultimately, this kind of money driven person comes under the grip of many different ailments and cannot share emotions and feelings with other people.”

Based on this kind of tragic downward spiral that so many people go through in life, Acharya Raj Kumar began his mission to make men and women tension free, prosperous, spiritually developed and contented. The solution is to teach the Guru Mantra that provide quick results to turn a person’s life around from negativity and darkness to that of positivity and light.

The network of Acharya Raj Kumar’s followers has been increasing exponentially over time. The reason for this is based on giving the Guru Mantra to people, accompanied by spiritual initiation (Diksha). This is the underlying reason for the miracles people experience from working with him. Currently, he has several thousand followers in many different countries around the world.

Due to selfless work over the years, Acharya Raj Kumar is also known as – A True Himalayan Yogi.